Tuesday, January 11, 2005

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First Day of skool for the semester..

Alright i'm revising my timetable again. Now Thursdays are free not Monday. Well i would hate it if I have to go to school for an hour of tutorial but what can i do..So let's hope maths tutorial falls on Mondays also..

Woke up in the morning with a stuff nose and the excitement to start a new semester just falls apart. Well had to go for it anyway. This sem i need to push harder than a mad horse..less projects and more revision.

I don't know this morning i just seemed to enjoy the maths lecture. Finally found a guru who can guide well. Thank God.

After Maths, Eugene left his water bottle in the lecture room. Being so nice, i rode my bike there just to get that for him...Hey you owe me one for that.

Later went for my counselling. Surprisingly the lecturer didn't ask much..probably he see through my character. I am more than what i am. I can do well and i can motivate myself but really what happen last sem..

After that counselling, I realise that i was alone again...Last sem i was alone left not knowing what to do. All my kakis are in a different class and haizzz...I guess this was another reason why i did badly....No friends to study together...Different timetable and left stranded alone...Ooh dear...loneliness can kill people...

Put that behind...went home straight away after CS2301 lecture.

Wrote my part about blog..Took 1 hour to write my ten cents worth..Played soccer after that..

After soccer, this is where bad news came..A friend whom i knew for a long time did dreadful sins...He confess that he lied to his fiancee and went to a karaouke lounge where he ended up having sex. A few of my friends just smile away cos they had been doing it before but WHY must it be you...

What has the world and religion taught you for the last 27 years of your life. You totally threw away your virginity in a matter of lust. Never had u taught about your fiancee...what will happen if she knew. If I'm a true friend, i would message her and tell here that you had sin but in order not to destroy anything i will keep my mouth shut..You are getting married in March and yet this has to happen.

This was the first time he was talking to us openly but god knows he may have done it several other time with other women. I'm just disgusted with him but at the same time i pity him and his fiancee...


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