Saturday, April 09, 2005

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Death comes to us all but we need to learn why tragic deaths happen.

I wish this story after visiting a funeral. My friend's father passed away in quite a terrible way.


Of all the close friends, all of us didn't know that his parents were divorced and the mother now have a new boyfriend while the father was living in Johor alone. Nobody knew about the separation 2 years ago. My friend only got to know about it a year ago but he kept that to himself.

Today I've received calls from him and friends about the news of the death. All i know from stories that his father passed away in a rental room in Johor due to a heart attack. Unfortunately the dead body was only found a few days later after he breathe his last breath. The body was found in a terrible state and the pics which the police took showed that the dead was trying to get the medicine from a table.
So he died in a sitting position.

The owner of the house only found the body two days later when the stench of the dead body was smelt all over the room. This was one of the most terrible way to die especially when no one knew about it for 2 days. All in all a pack of cars immediately drove down to Johor yesterday after receiving the news.

The dead body was brought to Singapore and buried safely about 5pm after autopsy and so on in Johor. Only few friends knew about the tragic news and there were also a few who visited the dead.

All the time i've been thinking, does this man deserve this tragic death. Two years ago when i saw this man marrying my friend to his current wife. This man look so happy but now i know behind the smile a tragic separation followed. All the smiles were put for show and nobody really knew about the separation even their children. Is this tragic death a repercussion of his actions.

From what i was told my friend's father did not have many friends nor relatives or siblings. He was always alone and few knew about the sickness. Don't ask me why was there a separation cos i don't know.

After giving much thought, i have a few friends who are married or going to get married soon. This people are only thinking about themselves and throw themselves to prostitutes so on. This is total madness..What happen if their fiancee or wife knew about all this? What i fear is that most of their wifes will not know about this but they will know later. Let's hope their separations one day will not lead to the kind of problems that i've talked about earlier..

Being lonely when we are old and sick is really scary. Personally i would not want to be like that. I would want to have my children and wife talked to me before i leave this world. Friends would also be great to have when we are old but family must always be first. I want my children to grow and regards elders as an important aspect in our life. Be there for them when and when they need you therefore the price to achieve financial freedown would be great as it could facilitate all this.

It is true, what the diamonds have been saying and i've been seeing this. The price of being free is not easy but when we can achieve it, many great things will follow.

God is great. He's showing me things that i really need to see and learn. The points above may seem normal and crappy to you but this is going into my dream book..Building a harmonious family and being there for each other regardless of place and time. Strong blocks of the family start with you. If you cannot build it then who will.


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