Friday, November 16, 2007

Payouts this week

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Well nothing is impossible and well the figures are still small this week..

So here it is...

Advert Designs: $150
Technoeo Webhosting: $135.00
Sabun Sertu: $97.70
Poster Design: $60

Total Earnings: $442.70

Handphone Bills: $90
Laptop: $100
Petrol: $50
Cashcard: $10
Nasi Lemak: $ 8
Domain Purchases: $20
OSMS card: $30
Autoresponder Systems: $30

Total Expenditures: $308

Balance: $134.70

Cash at Hand: $33.40

Savings: $70

Bank Balance as of the other day...$US16 + $8 + $134 = $164.4

Do note that the balance here does not include my other savings...It starts from 0 since 31st October.

Debts to clear
Auntie: $370
Credit Card: $470
Google Adwords: $97
Laptop: $1100

Well you guys may be wondering what the heck am I doing showing my accounts...heh..

Well you are wondering how come I have so much debts..It was due to several incidents like the mendaki van scratching the car...1.5 months of no income due to Hari Raya...that's where part of the credit card expense also came in and also experimentation with affliate biz, autoresponders. Well the price uptake to learn new stuff..

So you wonder if i didn't go into debt then would I learn as much as I've learn today...Many people i know have fears going into debt cos they dont understand the principles of good debt and bad debt...I had to go into debt to acquire certain knowledge which eventually bring in more returns...So is that good debt or bad debt??

Next week if things go as planned, I should be making over $1000. Which would cover the credit card debts, google adwords and my aunt's debts. Heh!! OOh yeah i have to pay a few my freelancers also..Ok that would come to next week bills...

So yeah follow on as I strive clear the debts and make my million mark within the next 114 days.

My Life Mission: I enable others to discover purpose in their lives and empower them to pursue their dreams and live life to the fullest with God's blessing.

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