Monday, December 31, 2007

What a great Year!!!

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A year coming to an end according to Gregorian Calendar and so much has been done. Yes, I'm still not a millionaire but I'm very close to it. So close that on days I could feel it breathing on my neck even though my bank dollars doesn't say it.

Let's summarize what we have done the past year.

So what have I done??

1) Got a GF...(Broke up in the middle of the year)
2) Started FSPURE Marketing which markets Taharah Soap ( Sabun Sertu )
3) Had Quality time with parents...
4) Met several entrepreneurs and millionaires.
5) Picked up internet marketing...( Still learning though )
6) Started paying back debts
7) Work closely with Kak Jen Anwar.
8) Be part of Nowasia...yeah get to work closely with Abang Abu, Abang Ghazali, Bro Iskandar & Azie.
9) Be part of OSMS phone systems....
10) Finally Launched
11) Started to create Corporate Websites
12) Changed AKUDETA site 3 times!! ( Sheesh )
13) Started Abang Abu TV with Abang Abu and Shaheed..
14) Started to teach others Basic Internet Marketing Classes, how to blog and so on.
15) Access to several workshops for FREE...When you know people that's great right??
16) Ooh yeah have an office!!
17) Happy to see parents to go Haj!!
18) 1st Reservists ( In Camp ) in June. That was quite a fun week...Just away from all the stresss...Reservists are like holidays!!! I know my men think otherwise..
19) Given free trip to KL, WIEF - World Islamic Economic Forum...
20) Got to see the young Queen of Malaysia!! Free dinner lagi!!
21) My first every Fashion Parade...( You should see Malaysian Professional models...fuyoh tak boleh angkat!!! haha...I guess it also comes with the clothes the designers created..Lawa giler ah)
22) Started to blog more...
23) Learn about Blog monetization from Sha!! Well we had to start somewhere right...
24) Bought several ebooks and tried my own internet systems..
25) Became a web hosting reseller..Now I have around 30 mini websites hosting at my server...Not bad eh!!! If these people renew every year...Passive income!!

So what's for 2008..

1) Welcome back my parents from Haj..( Heh Family must come first )
2) Start to market my services further.
3) Get Adsense Resurrector!! That will finance, so that we can keep it free !!
4) Yes make my million buckss...As of is gonna be 69 days from my b'day!! Can I make it...!!!
5) When there's more moolahs!! I need to start hiring a secretary or admin staff!!
6) Learn to outsource my work better!!!
7) Be a coach to Wira Internet Participants..
8) Find a life partner..hmm ( I guess this is always an on going process... )..My terms are quite simple..if I become bankrupt will u be there!!!...Of course when we make millions u will be happy but when it turns around and all is lost will you still stick by my side...(Last year this was my no1 priority now its no to think of it, this can probably wait...)

So yeah probably there's more to come...OK these are not New Year resolutions cos I dont believe in them anyway!! But actions I will take upon..NO point wishing for things if you dont take action...So take action!!

My Life Mission: I enable others to discover purpose in their lives and empower them to pursue their dreams and live life to the fullest with God's blessing.

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What a great Year!!!