Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Motorsports Family Carnival!!

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I have FREE tickets for this carnival to be given away. Ok its an open carnival. The tickets are meant to exchange for goodie bags which has items worth more than $20..If you want this tickets please call me to get it from me...9452 0491

I use the same template for Maulid.sg to create this website..www.k1bedok.sg..

So what can you expect from this carnival...Ok for the guys i believe you would love to hear what I'm gonna say!! There are plenty of Car Racing Babes hanging around. Heh - the models are hired for the show.The Ferrari club, Porshe Club and Lamborghinis are all in one place...So for those photographers this will be a heavenly view for you. How often do you see this super cars in one place. We are expecting around 40 to 50 supercars there...So what are you waiting for?

Well for the Gamers there'll be a competition just for you too.....

This is the first time though I heard of a Car Grooming Competition in Singapore. Competitors have to beautify their cars and there will be several expert judges coming to tally the scores. Wow sounds like the MTV custom made cars show!!

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Finally let's not forget the GoKarts. If you wanna have a go at this GO-Kart, please take note of this timing.

Saturaday 5th April - 1pm to 9pm
Sunday 6th April - 9am to 5pm

So come down and have fun at this carnival..

Do visit http://www.k1bedok.sg for more details

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  • Love the events...cant wait!

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Motorsports Family Carnival!!