Tuesday, September 09, 2008


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Alhamdullilah, the blessed Ramadhan is here again. Mubarak Ramadhan to all. I hope you guys are ready for a month of fasting, praying and of course let’s not forget your work, family and friends.

Well I would like to introduce to all my readers from Singapore about our latest project which my company, IslamicSG Networks and Reqa Pte Ltd are working together to promote iAlif mobile prayer time software. Its an application / software which you can install in your phone easily and you can view it just by opening up the software on your phone.

You can download it here at www.ialif.com. Do watch the videos.

What does it actually do?

Well its simple. It just tells you the 6 times for solat. -Subuh, Sunrise, Zuhur, Asar, Maghrib and Isyak.

I already have a card that I can refer to?

I believe most of you out there would only find it when you need it. What if it is in your phone? Would you lose your phone so easily? I guess not right? The software is not meant to replace the cards that are always given out at mosques, its meant to be an alternative for you and I believe there’s more handphones than people in Singapore. Eh macam pernah dengar jer…Quoted from PM Lee’s speech lah.

Furthermore this software can help you have more room inside your wallet. Wouldn’t that be great?

Can I expect better things to come?

Currently the software is in Beta Stage and we only have the timings for you. Reqa has promised to deliver something more useful for future. Perhaps an Azan will sound off when its time for Solat. So what are you waiting for, please follow this link to read up about IAlif.com..

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