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Be Rebel Thinker

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Be Rebel Thinker

September 28, 2008 by Fadzuli

This is a very good read from EzineArticles.

Enjoy it…

What do Ted Turner (CNN), Anita Roddick (The Body Shop), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Armani (Armani Fashions) have in common?

Aside from being CEOs of multi-billion dollar corporations, they all have created such mega-success BECAUSE they are business … Mavericks … Revolutionaries … Rebel Thinkers.

One such rebel thinker, Anita Roddick - CEO, The Body Shop - not only started without money or business know-how. She also defied all the “rules” of an $80 billion dollar industry. While cut-throat cosmetic competitors chased profits through cheating, lies, exploitation and over-priced, chemical-laden products, Anita chose a different path.

Instead, she built her company with an unshakeable commitment to integrity … natural, health-promoting beauty products … social and environmental responsibility … and success that never compromised her soul. So much a rebel thinker that INC. magazine labeled her “the single force that has changed business forever.”

Rebel thinkers - like Anita - are the contrarians and the change agents of the business world. They see what others don’t see. They do what others don’t do. They reinvent while others imitate. They are their own person, building their businesses according to their own principles, values and rules. They know no bounds.

Why Is Rebel-Thinking Critical to Your Future Success?

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