Friday, October 17, 2008


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It works it totally works..

Yesterday I had a chance of sitting down with Abang Abu ( My Mentor ). As I’ve started to write articles and tell people about my free E-Course, Abang Abu also wondered why I did that. So yesterday I took the time to explain to him the big picture.. 

Instead of telling him everything about my e-course.. I showed Abang Abu how it can be implemented into his Financial Wealth Coaching… Honestly my course is still in the process of development. Yes there are a bunch of tutorials to do and perhaps I may need help soon. 

He was at AWED the moment I showed him the complete picture..Furthermore I got him excited… “This can work”, He said… “this can REALLY Work and we have to get the system up fast”.. The moment I saw that expression this was a sure Million dollar package for Abang Abu.. Yes its not going to generate thousands but millions overtime and we are going to make it in this RECESSION period. :)

One of the methods I showed him is the ADVANCE part of Internet Marketing which is the AUTOPILOT INCOMEwhich I took the time to learn from EWEN CHIA’s systems & the ADSENSE RESURRECTOR PROJECT by Mo & Zeila Rich.


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