Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Lessons on PPC Marketing

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Among plenty of Internet Business models, PPC marketing is a very fast way of earning money but this requires extensive knowledge in this niche area. I guess all Business requires extensive knowledge of each field to really become good and successful at it.

Last Sunday, I went down for T2002 Meeting organised by Melvin Tan and Ben @ Kembangan Plaza… The session was quite an eye opener cos I’m not really into this niche.  Ben being one of the experts have been earning 5 figure income lately through his campaigns in this niche. I find him quite amazing and he’s only in the early 20’s. 

Sitting down in that lesson, started to get me to see the potential of this PPC marketing to be implemented in the programs I have. There were certain terms that I was quite unfamiliar with like Quality Scores but I soon got a hang of it.

Without doubt this method does make lots of money but it does not have that relationship element in it. Because the business model is just meant to make money, it does not focus on building people, building relationships, connect to your readers. Several business rules cannot apply here also like the 20-80 rule that I mention all the time.

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Lessons on PPC Marketing