Monday, November 10, 2008

The Millionaire Mindset - Becoming a student again….

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How you do anything is how you do everything..
- T Harv Eker

What a wonderful 3 days it has been. You know I came into seminar BROKE but I came out with millions and even BILLIONS of dollars in my head… I tell you this seminar is worth the MONEY! 

On the first day that I came, I saw a huge huge crowd at the registration centre. Initially I wondered what is going on! The place was like an ARMY recruitment center…Really people were like ants moving and queing up in so many lines…. After joining a line, I realise I was in the wrong queue because we were suppose to follow our ticket numbers…

I was impressed! You know why? Because someone from another queue told me that..haha.. The ushers on that day was really overwhelmed by the numbers and it was hard to control but the masses actually help them out…

Read on brothers and sisters.....


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The Millionaire Mindset - Becoming a student again….