Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Smart Seminar 2nd Day - Part 1

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Alright its been quite a hectic three days. I’ve been uploading images, videos and I got myself a 30 day trial to the Traffic Geyser system and its AWESOME!! Yesterday and today alone, I’ve submitted around 5 videos and if you go to YOUTUBE you already see my videos dominating it when you type SMART SEMINAR. The traffic Geyser is really worth the money.

Ok anyway let’s start with day 2.

It started out with Stuart and Simon demonstrating on how to create a simple blog, get a click bank code and stuff. Basic stuff where you can learn from my course too.. :)

Simon then revealed a small secret which is not REALLY a secret.. Hmm i tend to use those words so many time huh..”A SECRET WHICH IS NOT REALLY A SECRET” . Being a former employee of Google, Simon knows the ins and outs of the Google system and hence the secret is..

“USE Google Systems”

Why is that? If you want to have a high rank search on Google, use Google’s systems - use GMAIL, post to Blogger.com, post a video to YOUTUBE, get Bookmarks at Google Bookmarks and many more. 

Sounds logical right. For example in real life, if you use my products and help to tell people about it, would I give you more attention. Its the same here. Google favours or are bias towards people who use their tools and they will give their users first priority. Understood?

Well read more tips and do you want to know why WOMAN runs the ECONOMY and can help you TRIPLE or QUADRUPLE sales. The power the woman have on us, men.. SO click here to read on.........


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Smart Seminar 2nd Day - Part 1