Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Dari Tahi Pun Boleh Buat Duit

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"Dari Tahi Pun Boleh Buat Duit"
I happen to meet another senior Entrepreneur recently. He has been in Business since the 80s starting as Wedding DJ to now producing songs for Madrasah Aljunied. He was sharing this story about one of his travels to Indonesia where there is this Market Street which stretches as long as the distance from Wisma Indah to City Plaza. For that distance, there were horse carriages to ferry people from one point to another. At the same time, the place was filled with horse dung.. So at that moment in time, this entrepreneur was relaxing and drinking tea with his friends when his mind started to open up and think. Hey what could you do with all the dung? As we all know that we can use it as fertilizers right. He came about telling us, well if you could hire the Indonesian to pick up the dung and sell to us for a small price per kg. We can process it and make it to fertilizers and sell it to the government or the markets nearby. Furthermore this would help to clean the streets and make it more hygienic place to come by. You see from that simple idea, it opens up a whole new perspective of business ideas and it will help growth in that area. So you see when someone starts to do this and start making money, wouldn't this open up the mind of others. They too would want to share the CARROT right? Yes they do. So the whole street is super damn long. I think 3-4 companies can open just to do the cleaning and selling the fertilizers.  So when the streets are more hygienic and clean, don't you think more tourists and visitors will come to the place? It will definitely become an attraction. So you see it will grow more business through tourism, makan places, antique shops. Etc etc.. Let's be grateful that Singapore has this efficient cleaning companies which keep this country clean. We might complain about the town council's bills every 3 months th [...]

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Dari Tahi Pun Boleh Buat Duit