Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dejavus & Zeroing

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I learned this word while watching the Matrix. Dejavu.. In "THINK AND GROW RICH", there is a phrase that says "Everything happens twice, Once in your mind and once through Action." As a MUSLIM, we believe that "EVERYTHING THAT YOU SAY IS A PRAYER". If you are the analytic kind, you will realize how close the meanings are to both of these sentences. Many times when you ask for something it comes true because you ask for it. Yes its that easy. Just ask for it. If you realise hard enough, you intentions will appear in reality. Its a matter of the state of readiness that you are in. In many seminars that I've attended, they will ask you this simple question, "Are you ready to receive".. This post may sound like the LAWS Of Attraction. Well definitely some of the principles are there. To go beyond that we must understand what we mean by "Being Ready to Receive". It is just like studying, when we study a new information, if you mind is not ready or is still thinking about something else, you will never get the information and you will never be able to practise it either. Sometimes we shun away from the ideas that is presented to us or we shun the new knowledge that is being relayed cos we are not interested. Why then are we not ready? Its really about these four things TIME, SPACE, your ATTITUDE and MINDSET. The TIME and SPACE you are in might not be suitable. That is why some artists can draw in very tight squeezy rooms while others need to go out to the outdoors. Also inspirations comes in many ways, sometimes in the Toilet, sometimes just by observing and so on. The ATTITUDE & MINDSET of receiving. I believe this is very important in life to have that attitude of wanting to receive and learn more.  If you keep asking without taking actions also indicates that you are not ready to receive. Yesterday I had a long discussion with Kak Suria after [...]

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