Friday, August 28, 2009

A slow down in movement but Opportunity for Businesses

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This is an observation I've made while watching people at the exit Haji Mohd Salleh Mosque ( Habib Noh ) 1) People crowding to get the Bubur.. 2) A slow down in movement. Most of the weeks before this, you would see people disappear from the mosque in just minutes. However today it seems different. People were walking slowly and people are taking their time to get back to the office? Well maybe they are fasting. Does it make an excuse to slow down? Wait wait I'm not complaining about this but I want you to see an opportunity here. When people slow down it means there is also an opportunity for them to look into details. Previously when someone distributes flyers outside the mosque, you will see many leaflets later on thrown in the nearby dustbins. Do you think it will happen in this month of Ramadhan? In fact this is the month when ADVERTISMENT should work more than ever before. Because people are not rushing into things and they can pay attention to details. So Business people, are you listening to me? Get your word out this month. Your business will totally get the attention it neeeds!! Get your flyer printed and distribute to your targeted destinations.

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A slow down in movement but Opportunity for Businesses