Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Viral Potong Saga

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Today i've opened up Sha's RSS email and saw this video.. Potong Saga... So when one video is that good to be spread around, it moves on its own. Automatically today, I pushed it up to facebook. Showed it to Abang Abu and Encik Majeed ( Next Door ). We were all bursting with laughter and this made today so happy and lighter. Yes the stress has caught up to us. We do need this kind of theraphy from time to time. Anyway the conversation lasted till lunch. Abang Abu you know with his crazy ideas begins to start giving out vibes and ideas about using this video as a lesson. If you observe carefully, that video in fact had many lessons. Here's a few.. 1) Awareness on Islamic Banking... 2) Sunat.. 3) Getting the right advices 4) Determination and Commitment 5) Do your research 6) You don't have to be serious all the time and so on.... More importantly everyone enjoys watching this humorous videos and it really gives out the message clearly.. haha.. Hopefully someday we can produce such creative video producers too..

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The Viral Potong Saga