Monday, August 10, 2009

Why do you need to own your site?

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The last few days have been really testing for the social networks as some of them suffered from HIGH TRAFFIC congestions due to online ATTACKs. Read here Check out what's a DOS attack here.. Having too much dependence on Facebook & Tweeter to get the traffic is also a bad thing. Cos what if it goes down, what if facebook  and tweeter disappears or get replaced. All the contacts and database gets totally wiped out. Hence that is the main reason why we need our own site especially when you are running an Internet Business or just selling stuff online. Is this attacks preventable? Unlike viruses which spreads on its own, Dos attacks are actually organised Attacks. Its very well planned and usually many parties are involved and they do have an agenda or they might just be unhappy with that organization or person. So if you do not want such attacks to hit you... Be nice to everyone..

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Why do you need to own your site?