Saturday, September 19, 2009

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laptop Click on image for bigger view Usually Probloggers or the Top Internet Marketeers would have a few screens for their desktops as they might want to view 3-4 views without swapping them on windows. I got this TV yesterday from a Garage Sale for $200. :) Hey Singapore also have a garage sale k. So two days ago I was helping Mdm Siti ( Ramli Puteh's wife ) do up a Garage Sale blog to sell off her cupboards, TV and antique stuff . The family are moving out this October to Melbourne as Tuan Ramli Puteh is there doing his PHD. They are renting out the condo but they wanted to sell off some of the furniture first as they knew that the tenants wouldn't take care of them. Check out the furniture for sale here. ok back to the TV. So I've always wanted to have big screen to do my work. So after some negotiations I had a good price for the 32inch LCD Tv. ( Still got warranty! ) Anyway I've also just renewed my Singtel Broadband connection. The new package that have MIO TV and FREE PHONE calls for only $59 / month. So the TV is just in time for me to watch MIO TV at nights. Also the LCD TV will be used for exhibitions when need to. So my father wouldn't make noise anymore as and when it is needed for the future booths!

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