Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Conversation with God in my Darkest Hour..

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This article is written by Suria Mohd.
(Picture Source:Simplyislam.com and islamfrominside.com) At the lowest point in my life... Questioning and Asking for the Answers to my Life ... Confused and Breaking down to my Base Humility Surrendering myself to the Higher Power when all else is Failing around me ... Call me Insane, but in the Midst of my deepest darkest hour, I hear Him Speak through me and experience the Light that fulfills me like never before.... MY CONVERSATION WITH GOD...
Suria: Salam Allah… I am in the lowest point in my life now... Please help me understand, what is the blessings in all of these that is happening to me? I know you are the most compassionate and most merciful and that everything that happens is for my higher good. Whatever that is the cause I know comes from me. I seek forgiveness from you for all the wrong that I may have done, Forgive me please Ya Allah. I surrender to you. I feel so helpless now. What do I do now? Where do I turn to Ya Allah? I o [...]

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My Conversation with God in my Darkest Hour..