Thursday, October 15, 2009

Traffic Plan

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Well do you know who this guy is? Well for those who are not familiar with the Internet Marketing Scene, he's name is Jaz Lai. Last week end while I was attending Smart Seminar 2009 ( An Internet Marketing Seminar & Pitch Fest ) in Singapore Expo, I manage to catch Jaz Lai speak. If you look at him, your first impression would be, who is this Ah Beng? Seriously he's kind of abengish. But hey don't look at a person in that way. This guy earns millions of dollars each month in Internet Marketing. So there was this particular topic which he said, "  I dont understand why everyone is struggling with Traffic? All you need it is a Traffic Plan". For that short moment, I was like wow. Why haven't I thought of that? Basicly what he is trying to say, most people can't attain the traffic to their website is because they do not have a plan. So he continued showing us a whole process from submitting articles, to doing podcasts, to creating videos on a fly, to creating blogs posts and submitting to the social media sites. He says that we need a schedule too. So for example.. Monday - Get / Write an Article Tuesday - Submit Articles to Article Directories Wednesday - Convert article to podcasts & submit to podcast directories Thursday - Covert articles into powerpoint and video Friday - Put the articles on your blog & Email to your list / contacts Saturday - Submit to link directories, social media sites and so on. Sunday - Rest Then you repeat the process again. Can you see how the whole system can flow? Basicly if you keep doing this, definitely you will get traffic to your site. You just need discipline to do this. One or two hours a day will do. I hope you learn something from this. To look up for Jaz Lai, [...]

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