Monday, December 28, 2009

Can you know your Potential from your Birth Date?

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Back from the holidays yet or still Holiday mood? Well whatever it is, I'm back and yes already starting to do much work. During my short trip to Pedas Linggi ( Negeri Sembilan ) where my aunt has a Bungalow there, I've bought several books to read and one of the books that interest me was this Book titled, Misteri Tarikh Lahir Anda... From my weekly lessons and sharing with Dr Hadi, he shared with me at one time about this NUMEROLOGY study which have been practiced for years. From the Date of Your Birth, it can identify the Potential you have. This book also shows our weaknesses and introduce to us on how to choose people to work with you, the right suitable job/business for you or finding the the suitable life partner. Interesting right? Well similarly to Horoscope, this is a study of People for thousands of years. It matches the characteristics of people and group them generally to 9 categories.  I wont explain in detail here. However I will show you my own results and share with you what I need to work and has already been work on for the last 5 years.


Well you don't have to understand how the above diagram works.. Just let me explain a bit.. So you see my Date of Birth on top of the inverted Triangle? Well with simple formulation, it eventually drives you to the lowest part of the triangle, the No 6.

No 6 indicates these strength

- One who doesn't like shabby work and do his/her work diligently. - Able to control his wealth - Ambitious - Tend to be popular person - Love to take care and manage people who are under his care - The Peace keeper. [...]

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Can you know your Potential from your Birth Date?