Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Planting the Seeds of Success

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Its not about what you do tomorrow that matters. Its what you do today to make it happen tomorrow.
Tomorrow haven't come and  let us not ponder on it so much but whats more important is that we do it NOW and Today. If I were to say I want 600 people to fill up the room... its not just mere fascination or imagination that it will happen. We do not know what the future will be like.. All I can say that there will be 600 people there or more. How it will happen I do not know but what I know is what's happening now. Have the seeds been planted and has it been sowed to grow stronger and stronger each day? . Its not about that 27th of Feb, its about living now and making sure things happen for tomorrow. This seminar is also about that. Its not about 2 years or 3 years down the road. Its about Now! Its about planting the right seed into the entrepreneurs, professionals and so on. Its about giving them the right picture of what we can achieve as a community and its about giving them hope. The road is not an easy way out. I will tell you head on its going to be TOUGH. Its not easy task to wake them up from their Slumber. However I am always reminded by Anthony Robbin's seminar title - To Awake the Giant within... Our community has the potential to do wonders, to have Top Students, To have RiCH & Powerful Businessman , To have Professors in many areas, To have Top Professionals in different areas, To have Top Artists who can go regionally and beyond and many more. So I began to realise that my destiny in this world is not just to be rich but also to spur others towards SUCCESS. To inspire and push them on further to achieve their goals and dreams.. Though I have many lessons to learn about LIFE but here I am bearing this responsibility which many others to do not dare to take. So are you with me? So let's together plant these seeds of success in us and continue focusing on succeeding rather than goin [...]

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Planting the Seeds of Success