Sunday, February 07, 2010

You get a call and you see him lying there...

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Haji Wahab went into quite a bit of Cold Sweat this morning. This morning he went to his usual kelas Ugama at Abu Bakar Travels. In between he started to have cold sweat and I got the surprising call to fetch him. Around 12 plus in the afternoon, I rushed over there by Taxi and found him really in bad condition. He was sweating and he kept complaining about being dizzy. Still can walk though but he went about vomitting. So the next question I asked him, "Nak Pergi Doctor tak?" ( Want to go see the doctor?). Well initially he wanted to go home, however the drive back home change to Changi hospital as the condition really looked from bad to worse. Upon arriving at the Accident & Emergency, he was half baked.. Cannot even stand properly. The hospital security guard had to help me carry him onto the wheel chair. The security guard then helped to push him into the clinic while i went down to parked the car. By the time I got back to be beside father, he was holding a bag given by the nurse to vomit into. He vomited all the way even through the Staff Nurse diagnoses and the Doctor's diagnoses. Given a jab and some blood samples were taken then he was taken to the observation room to rest (as you can see the image above). ---------------------- Haji Wahab has been discharged at around 5pm today, and he'll back for check up later in the month. So what did the doctor say? Doctors Diagnose: Ear infection. Its been buzzing him for the last few days but he ignored it until this morning when he turn to COLD SWEAT, Vomitting and the Giddyness.. A simple ear infection can tremendously change your body... Dont ignore these early signs yah..

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You get a call and you see him lying there...