Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Are you penning your story down?

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Peace be upon you,
Fadzuli here and I hope everyone is doing fine. I believe many of you are still in the daze after the many seminars that has gone by and we do hope that you have started something out.
For those that have attended WOW, have you started the dream board yet?
Have you started writing your life out on paper or in a diary?
Well if you have not, let me share with you why you should!
For me my life is penned in my blog. Yes my blog is not entirely for business, it is also my personal journey in this life..
For my personal story, I started writing because I wanted to improve my English so that I wouldn't suffer much during my University days. Well it help in a way however the stories I wrote, the Hate, the Happiness, the Failures, the Breakups and Success are all do [...]

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Are you penning your story down?