Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Turning 28

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Time really does fly... I still feel I am at the benches of NUS mugging for exams, running here and there doing business, starting the SOAP business, starting,  meeting Abang ABu, Dr Irfan Khairi, Sujimy and many more Entrepreneurs and Business partners. S0 now its like what!! 28 Already... I know the first question many will ask is... When am I going to settle down? Honestly that has not crossed my mind yet? There's still more to do and more places to see. I still want that dream to travel the world to see the different oceans and cultures. No more excuses, this December I'll pack my bags and leave.. Really.. When I want to settle down I let you know k... Either u get an email/sms or facebook message asking for your address.. Hehe..

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Turning 28