Sunday, January 23, 2005

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The last few weeks have really changed me. About what? Basically everything. I'm more convinced of going out to start a business than rather scoring As for my modules. Its not about the money but the fear of not getting a job when I graduate.

The time is now, I need to start a business and build a profile. If i fail now, i hope to learn and do better in the future. Its better to start now when i'm single and i have nothing to lose. The outcome is rather bleak but i think its just time. Time to think on a different path and believe that one day I can be like Bill Gates or Donald Trump.

Many would disagree with my ideas but I'm going to ask you: Do you want to be working under people all your life and earn a miserable income? Well some people will do that cos they have never heard of another type of income called passive income.

How to convince people to think like me..It takes a lot of work but I'm willing to push for that cos what we are dealing with is money. Everyone needs to learn how to manage money.I need to learn to talk to talk to people's souls and change their perspective in life.

For now....


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