Thursday, March 17, 2005

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A happy day which made me totally mad....

I was so happy today looking at kids and having fun with them. I was in Pasir Ris the whole day being a facilitator for Camp Teen X or something - forgive me for my bad memory. There were tons of food man. If I can stay there, i would get fat by the end of the week..serious..

There was a touching moment where the kids and facis cried..Happening man..I was so touched by it. "This may be the last time we see you so thank the facis and seniors. Go to each of them, kiss their hand and hug them"..quoted by Hafiz Zul.

Learn valuable stuff from an old man. 99% of the things you do is determine by you only 1% is dependent on God. This applies in biz too. Stated in one of the hadith.

A little while ago, all my principles in life totally changed due to one am I supposed to edify this asshole if he does not have the right attitude. A freaking 19 year old who fails his exams and is happy about it. What the fuck is this? Definitely he got an attitude problem. Change your bloody freaking attitude else don't ever come to me and look at me eye to eye. I almost wanted to turn the coffee table. I would rather edify a retarded man who has the right attitude in life.

Dreams that i want to achieve one day.

One of my goals in life is simple, if I ever get rich one day, I will devote myslef to get poverty off the streets. This is my mission.

What's the idea of being rich and free for yourself while there are so many others suffer..I will be having many dreamless nights due to this.

Alright I'm tired...hope i cool down tom...Hey Syarifah call Nat cos I'm pissed..You may not need me in the biz. But i do need you but i don't want that asshole to be above me....who...ask Nat.


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