Wednesday, January 11, 2006

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A distant friend,

Last Monday I had a surprised called during the Nation Building Lecture. First day in school wasn't so bad...hehe...the phone rang out of no where and as usual need to pick up the phone ASAP cos it would disturb the lecture. I hung up though cos i dont want to be disturbed but i checked the number of course. The numbers was really started with 8 but have a 12 digit pattern..

Certainly it was not a local call, so i made the attempt to message this person..Power of auto roaming...hehe...the message came back in a few mins ajer lah...that was really super fast man...and you know what its really an unexpected person..

He's name is Yelcin from Turkey but I met this guy in Taiwan selling ice cream. I remembered that i bought two ice cream from him and yet he gave another 2 free for my specialists and fellow officers. He was certainly a nice man. I was surprised that he still kept my card cos i lost his number on the way back to Singapore.

After lecture, I message him to call me cos he insisted duit lah sikit...but well i did that and he called back. It was pretty difficult to converse with him cos his English was not that good. He said he speaks mandarin better than english so conversing was really tough cos he could not figure out the words. I guess being in the chinese country and doing business there, he picked up the local language pretty quick.

What was really amazingly common is the faith in God. Everytime i reply with "May Allah bless you, he always reply back with a nice quote from God"...A nice guy. I have promised to email him soon....

Aidiladha...It was a rainy morning yesterday and honestly i had difficulty waking up. But yeah my mum would be like making noises lah kalau tak bangun no choice lah...pick up the towel and walah in the toilet ....

When i reached the mosque it was already like 8.15am, so was kind of late and i had to pray at the tentage at Masjid Ghufran..

The day went by just visiting the elders as kambing this korban so visiting was the only thing that we did. So biasalah eat and eat and eat...By the time reached home in the evening felt a little much nonsense in the stomach i guess.

Last evening, i basicly mass mailed to my fellow FOC commandantesto invite them to ALoha Aidiladha...we should use this as to gather everyone again cos i know the time we spend to organise the camp has bonded some of us and yet now we are apart and some even rivaling. Well for once i hope all can come down to Aloha and enjoy the show with a Nawaitu of being charitable and being there for one another.

Alright hope to see everyone again..



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