Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A long time

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It has been practically a very long time since I wrote anything here.

School has started like 2-3 weeks ago. I'm already in the mids of doing tutorials and projects..including the Imedia which is taking me tooo long to do...

Kind of weird, the last few sems of school, i have never been this up to do the work cos been busy with PBM, the Networking Business and many others...never had real time to do the project works...

I guess this is my last chance before actually being kick out of this instituition, I shall make use of the time to really focus. Other priorities can come later.

Anyway I'm at the FORUM at this hour.

First reason... I need to finish of the Imedia stuff...Pak Salam and Linda needs to present the website to the Korean media companies on Thursday, thus me overnighting and rushing the job..

Second...being here with nobody and Hafiz Kusairi (sleeping) infront of me kind of make everything works...haha...I'm done with most of the stuff except for the main page and news main page...Can do tom..need inputs from Linda, Rab and Pak Salam..

Third...NO internet at home...OK basicly i have two internet connection at home initially...then my father says that we were wasting money having two, so he cut the connection which i was using....My brother has another though...but the internal conflict between me and him is still not over...

He purposely switch off the wireless connection and he tends to lock the door when he goes out to work leaving me with no access.. Dont talk about wired connection..NO chance of even getting there.

So if you see me online...meaning I'm in skool k...Not sure when this would end, but somehow i seem to like the school environment..Can be more focus...

For the next few weeks, practically I'll either be at YIH workspace or Forum most of the time...we'll see how...

May God bless me with his strength to pursue my dreams....

Mission: I enable others to discover purpose in their lives and empower them to pursue their dreams and live life to the fullest..


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