Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Army Half Marathon ( AHM) 2007

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Ever since i got back for my 1st ICT, there was a sudden urge to get fit again. Need to aim for the IPPT GOLD again. The last i ran below 9.45 min for 2.4 km was like 4 years ago. Ever since coming to NUS, i've never really got into shape. Now i'm out, well time to shape up..

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to run for the annual Army half Marathon this year, since they will be more kakis , therefore i'm joining the training sessions conducted by the 3rd Army Division.

The best thing about this is that we get PAID to run. How much ....hmm ok its based on NS pay lah since I've yet to file for taxes as a self employed man. So its like $20 per half a day. Hmm ok lah why not. I thought I would just be running for fun and for fitness. Instead now we get paid...

So yup training programme...

07 July 07 Bedok Reservoir - 9KM
14 July 07 Bedok Reservoir - 12 KM
21 July 07 Bedok Reservoir - 14 KM
28 July 07 Bedok Reservoir - 16 KM
04 Aug 07 East Coast Park - 16 KM
11 Aug 07 East Coast Park - 16 KM
18 Aug 07 East Coast Park - 18 KM
25 Aug 07 Amoy Quee Camp - Sleep in
26 Aug 07 The Day - Marina Bay

Last week, I met LTA Victor over there and some other runners from 30 SIB. It actually rained heavily but we waited for it to stop. It drizzled though but Victor and I proceed running cos we didn't want to be shocked by running 12km the next week.

Anyway I'm dedicating Tuesdays evening for running also. Just after the soccer game..

good luck to me yah!!

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Army Half Marathon ( AHM) 2007