Friday, July 20, 2007

The Serial Entrepeneur

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They say when you meet the right people, the right people will tell you stories which will empower you beyond your imagination.

Last Thursday, I got the opportunity to sit down with a great Malay entrepreneur. For just two hours, you can hear amazing stories coming from him. Being the listener most of the time, i took the opportunity to ask a few critical questions. Its was just a few simple questions though but hell yeah but it was enough to get them going and going.

I may have drop out of UNI but this 2 hours were the kind of education that you will never learn in school. It started out by just the normal greetings. I had met this man before several times but never really had a chance to talk to him so informally and for such a long period. I wont mention names. If you know who they are please keep it quiet.

I knew him from one of the meetings that my mentor brought me into. We only exchange cards then and I only knew him as the man who owns a bus company. Apparently that is not the only business that he does. He has 4 existing business at the moment. A bus company, a printing company, a kuih company and a hmm. Forgot the last one as he never really mention it.

So yeah I asked him how he started it out. The story goes like this. 7 years ago, he was the typical Muslim that never believe in Insurance, Finance stuff and so on. He was totally against wealth creation. Only when he went to Mecca 7 years back, something struck him and he realized that even in the richest of countries the poor needed to be helped. Who would help them if the community does not learn to create its own wealth and eventually be able to empower and fund these people. That is where he learned about social entrepreneurship.

When he came back to Singapore, he didn't know what to do but like many other entrepreneurs like him, he started with what he knows best. Since he knew his family members knew how to make kuih, he started raising capital just by selling kuih.

The Law of attraction. Once you start something, you will start to attract like minded people.

Second biz: Someone offered to him to market namecards. This is not the typical namecard even though its very common today. Its the waterproof namecard type which looks like a credit card. The kind of namecards that would leave you talking about the person. Initially he was only helping to sell it, eventually the company ask him to open up another company to do similar projects as they could not handle the outstanding orders. So yeah a second biz was born.

The bus company was practically handed over to him without him ever knowing and understanding how it works. But the boss taught him how to manage it and yeah he have a 3rd company just like that. For a moment right. I was stunned. Why would someone just pass down a company to another. Well in business there are times when you have to let go due to many reasons. Probably he had to pay some royalty fees to the first Tauke. Details - I never asked.

Like I said, I didn't asked him about his 4th biz. Sometimes you would never understand how the world works. Somehow it seems so unbelievable but he's the real thing..

Quote from him. "Once you state your intentions pursue it with your heart, soul and mind, the rest let God handle. "

My Life Mission: I enable others to discover purpose in their lives and empower them to pursue their dreams and live life to the fullest with God's blessing.

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