Monday, October 22, 2007

Keep or Repeal 377A

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Well the petitions are closed and strangely i don't see the reason why this issue crop up and have been debated in Parliament and now in blogs!!

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In terms of morality and religious views, I actually don't support both these petitions at all. In fact I have to be at the extreme end and say this Gays should not be allowed to act as gays especially in public and they should not be given rights to be married to the same sex or even have sex.

Be it human rights or not...Singapore is a country built with high values and morality. If we keep accepting too much of western cultures, we will someday be spoilt like them.

The smallest wrong decisions made can be a turning point for something bad to happen....If this is not being controlled and measure then we are in trouble...

So what's your view!!..

I didn't know of this petition till Cikgu Zaidi passed me the links...

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Keep or Repeal 377A