Sunday, October 21, 2007


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What do you do when you get these rush of ideas coming into you?

Yesterday we (my family and I) visited nenek Nen at Bedok Reservoir ( Among one of the houses we visited yesterday). Nadim - he's a masters graduate ( can consider him my uncle ) in Malay Studies. I was surprised that I could connect with him so fast. It was great talking to him intellectually which lasted about 30 minutes. These type of conversations hardly come these days and sometimes I wished I had more time.

We talked about several topics. One of them was how NUS system has changed from the past to the present to stay competitive in the global market. How researches are being pushed to datelines over datelines and end up getting loose quality work. Well not for all but when you talk about research, especially those in Europe, some of the research take years or decades to develop. Our system here in Singapore can't do that because to us time is gold, we live in a too vibrant and fast pace economy that it does not even wait for no man. The man who can release the best ideas and make money fast is the way it is today.

Nadim is also a freelancer. Even with his paper qualifications, he did not want a proper job..

1) In todays professional world, its never a 8-5 job. Work could stretch into late nights and so on and he does not want this.

2) Time to be free to attend to family matters. Nenek Nen is going through i think its great that he's around. This I could understand well cos the sick needs our attention more than you might think..

I told him about getting kicked out..Well he was not surprised and told me that "Well look at where I am. Even with a paper I cant go anywhere". Actually he empathies sikitlah but he said that the paper is not the only way out. There are many paths that we could choose. People are different and we all need to learn to play our cards well.

While sitting down with him, a rush of ideas generated and i said wow that made my day....
By next year I hope i could sit down with him again and make the ideas real.

Now I need to focus on IslamicEvents.Sg...

There have been 20 signups so far and if you guys happen to read this...thank you!!

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