Monday, November 26, 2007

The question again

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Someone asked me this question again..i guess I'll share my answers again..


Someone: Hi. i bumped into ur profile and i read that u were in NUS before? why did you not complete? sorry for invading ur profile.

My Answer:


Its ok. People ask me about it almost everyday and they seem to understand what I went through. If you are in there, you would be probably wondering y you have to struggle so much just to get that degree and end up working under someone when you graduate...You will see a very funny pattern especially among the Malays. A huge majority end up being teachers rather than pursuing their specialised positions.

Since the first semester i was there, I didn't do well and my caps score forced me to leave NUS by the time I reach the third year. However so during that 5 semesters I was there I learnt many lessons and it humbled me beyond who I am today. Even so I did badly academically but I did well in other areas like building bridges to many organizations, networkings, web developments and many more.

Today I used all that experience and energy to start my own enterprise. The journey is tough and its gets tougher each day but I love what I'm doing despite the low pay and struggles. In my mind I knew I was always making a difference to many and thus rewards will come later, insyallah.

Honestly NUS is a great place to be but I didn't like the academic system which forces you to work like mad and doesn't guarantee you anything. When others chase after the paper, I chase the knowledge that I need to succeed in life.

Alright then..Thanks for pimping me!!

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