Monday, November 05, 2007

We have taken OFF...the first series of projects that will generate the millions

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We have finally taken off...A community project which could help serve every Muslim in Singapore or foreigner that may be looking for opportunities in what does it do??

Its a directory of information on events, courses and many more....We could even have discussions on certain topics such what is the SECRET!! We may invite Uztazs to give their opinions on it or any body can voice their opinions. Please do it with tact...

Well basicly there are a lot of religious stuff that we might not even understand as of today that will appear in the portal...Today alone someone ask me what's Qiraati?? I needed to surf the net to look for that info....

Ha i guess I need to hire an Uztaz part time soon....He would probably be more able to answer questions about courses and so on...hmm..

From this portal alone, we could create thousands of jobs, so thats where the millions are but we still have a long way to prove to people that this portal will be useful to everyone. What we are today is only the start of what google used to be back then but in terms of technology of course cannot compare lah!!

So my hopes will be the will someday be the source of information where not thousands but millions of people from all over the world whom will be seeking info about Islam in Singapore..

How do we earn the money you wonder!! You must ask how Google earns their money!!.. People pay them to get their info up and infront of millions of eyes...So its the same here...we will want to attract advertisers whom will want to market their services through us...

Well its still a long way to build memberships and generate traffic!!!

So what are you waiting for !!! Visit

My Life Mission: I enable others to discover purpose in their lives and empower them to pursue their dreams and live life to the fullest with God's blessing.

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  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger AYB, at 11:25 AM  

  • (this was actually meant for abang abu's site on your coverage for 'this week's entrepreneur', but i cant post it here somehow. so here it is...)
    Hey, fadzulli!

    glad that i get to know you in NUS. Now you can be my inspiration and to those who wants to learn the business world.

    With the internet, rest assured i will be tracking you and your progress. Hehehe. Sabun sertu, islamic events and all...

    Really need mentors. So i will always keep people on track. Never know we can learn alot from them, like abang abu.

    So yeah, all the best in all you do. And i really want you to achieve your 1st million dollars soon (hopefully in britain pounds, and not in rupiahs, hehehe). I know you have set the target date, which is next year about 120 days plus to go?

    I always believe that nothing is impossible and impossible is nothing. So yeah, you can achieve it! Be an inspiration to all of us k.

    To your success always,
    in this world and the hereafter,
    eusof nus,

    By Blogger AYB, at 11:27 AM  

  • Thanks bro.

    By Blogger EO, at 12:26 PM  

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We have taken OFF...the first series of projects that will generate the millions