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Be part of a thrilling competition

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Here's a gist of what Wira Internet is about!

Wira Internet is a 90-day competition, shot on video "reality-TV" style, and broadcasted worldwide "YouTube" style at the official video portal Leading the digital revolution, Wira Internet will spin you in the way we showcase the Next Internet Millionaire; Made In Singapore.

wira1The primary target audience is youth (age 17 - 25); since the competition will be showcasing the talents from this age group, where six teams will be selected among the best business plans.

wira2The competition will end with only one team named as Wira Internet. A gala dinner will host the teams that competed and all parties involved in Wira Internet. During the gala dinner, the winner will be announced and presented with the trophy by the guest of honour. The winner will also be awarded with a grand prize money of SGD 10,000.00 and a 12 month sponsorship of Internet resources.


Prior to this competition is an (IBE) Internet Business Workshop which will last for two days - check for details.

By the end of that Business Workshop, 6 Teams will be chosen to participate in this competition based on their business plan that they would have to submit. The best thing about this competition is that there is no elimination! All the teams will be competing for the Grand Prize of $10,000. Furthermore there will be no losers because each team would have their own INTERNET Business set up by the end of that 90 days.

If you guys have been following the series the NEXTINTERNETMILLIONAIRE, WIRA INTERNET's concept is similar except for elimination. We will be inviting guest judges who are already SUCCESSFUL in the business area, be it in the area of FUND RAISING to DEVELOPING AUTO PILOT INCOME to give talks to share their knowledge on how they got started and what you need to do to succeed. The knowledge that they will be sharing are based on their own experience and each of them will be sharing a niche topic which will be incorporated into the challenges later on. Their names will only be revealed only to the 6 teams that qualify for this competition. So for those who are not interested and wish to find out what the lesson are about, do catch them on Abang Abu TV from January onwards.

Hmm Did I hear it right?? Yes you guys will be on a TV channel! Currently we are in the process of talking to SURIA and yes you can be on TV!!!

So who can join?
-> Anyone. You need to be between the age group of 17-25 years old.
-> You need to form a group of 3-6 per team.
-> Have the desire to start a business on your own. Dont't worry if you do not know how to start one. The workshops are meant to teach you the basic business acumen and internet business start ups!
-> *Requirement: Each team must have at least 60% Malays!

What if I do not know anything about INTERNET!!
-> Hey who says you need to be proficient in IT? All you need to know is to use the computer, check emails and SURF the web!!
-> Its a business competition. If you are great in Marketing, find someone who knows how to use the computer. If you are great in writing and administration that will be great for the team too. Its a team competition and you have to work with your strengths.

Do I need to know programming!
-> Definitely NOT.

I dont have money...Haizzz.
-> Most of our business started with a few cents and dollars too. Don't worry about this we will teach you how to find the cash and build the business as you go! One of our key speakers will be covering this topic. So there's much to learn!!

I have already started my own Internet Business. Can I still participate?
Why Not! Do be inform that this is not an individual competition but a team competition. If you are already running an internet business on your own, find a few more friends to be part of it too.

Taking from the NEXTINTERNET MILLIONAIRE Model, Jamie Luchuck the winner of that competition was just a nobody before the competition. Even though she was not very familiar with Internet Businesses or Internet Marketing before that, she managed to beat the others by being a GREAT STUDENT and the desire to excel.

From nobody to somebody,
So are you the next


$10,000 and more are up for GRABS.
What are you waiting for!


For further questions and inquiries, please email to

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Be part of a thrilling competition