Saturday, December 01, 2007

CashFlow this week

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This week's cashflow been great!!


Internet Courses: $870
Sabun biz: $415.50
Hosting: $80

Total earnings: $1365.50


Soap: $200
Petrol: $40
Food: $10
Ebook: $14
Hp Bills: $50
Credit Card: $60 - Left $430
Bike Insurance $100
Miscellaneous: $20
Google Adwords: $95.96
Payback my aunt: $70 - Left $340

Total Expenses: $659.96

Balance: $705.54

Cash put aside for Domains & Nowasia Payments: $90 & $140 = $230

Total Balance: $475.54

Hmm it seems like some of my accounts are not tallied...Haizz i hate it when this happens!!
OK nvm at least we see more positive results this week..Anyway since most payments are already being made. Now its the credit cards..Before the next interest charges in. I might try to clear most of it..

Next week bills..hmm Aweber and Laptop!!

Ooh yeah I'm nearing my launch of the new services...Heh..Let's pray that it will boost up all the other biz!! I haven't spent money on advertising yet!! Ahh that will be a killer!

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  • WOOHOOO!!!.. banyak duit.. EO blanja!!....

    By Anonymous Fazli, at 12:56 AM  

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