Saturday, December 15, 2007

Finally we Met! The first Malay Internet Marketing Millionaire in Singapore

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Make Millions From Google!

Wow this is definitely a meet I was waiting for.

Finally we know who is Zeila and Mo!! Well I can't tell you exactly who they are but this you must know. These guys are among the first Malays in Singapore whom have reach the Million Dollar Mark in the Internet Marketing business. Actually they are already making much more!!

We met and talk...We shared our aspirations and visions and yeah I see some connections. Fazli ko kenal ah si Zeila!!! Hahaha...OK she knows you and i think you have to find out who she is on WIRA INTERNET in January k...she call you Fazli Boy!! haha

I'm amazed by how they could thought of this idea. From what I sense from our conversation, the idea did not came overnight. It came out from shear frustration and with a little bit of innovation and hardwork to make the system work! I guess its God's will to have them to be the first few internet millionaires and furthermore they too have the heart of GOLD just like Abang Abu...heh...promote habis-habis aku ni...They have the spirit of giving back!!

Anyway if you guys are wondering who they are and what they actually need to visit this site...

Sign up for their program and find out what they will be revealing next week!! Trust me its not Made For Adsense Website.

From our conversation the software they created will be that simple to use and anyone who uses it will see the difference in minutes!!

For those who don't understand visit their blog

AdSense Resurrected! Make Millions From Google!

I'm seemingly being in love with their Affiliate Programs...Wah its like 50% commissions. Meaning you only need 2 people to buy the programme from your list of referrals to earn back the money!!! So what are you waiting for!!! Be a referral today!

Click here to be a referral!

Just like the USD $1 promotion last time!! This is also the real thing!!

Don't be shock at the prices that they will be setting as it will be high but it doesn't reach to the level of thousands.. Abang Abu just thought us something new and I happen to get to listen to it twice. Will tell you about that in the next post...So come back again yah!!

Zeila and Mo have something we want to learn and definitely we will want to see them during one of the Shows in Wira Internet coming this January. ..Insyallah

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Finally we Met! The first Malay Internet Marketing Millionaire in Singapore