Thursday, December 20, 2007

Invest - I - N - V - E - S - T

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Hadn't got much time to blog these days. Well here's what I promised from previous blog.


I - Innovation
N - Networking
V - Vision
E - Extra Mile
S - Social Responsibility
T - Target niche

Abang Abu has his way with acronyms..I think someday he can start marketing this acronyms and so to allow others to remember the real meaning of such words.

Well Y Invest? Many of us are always afraid when people ask us to invest our money. Many would think that its meant to be given away and chances are you will not get back..We have to change this mindset rather when we invest we need to assure that we spend that money to get returns.

Therefore when we invest, invest in something innovative or perhaps its old but ensure that you or the people using that money have new strategic ways of getting returns. Innovation is a huje topic on its own and perhaps someday we can discuss about it.

Networking. Stated in Robert Kiyosaki's first book..the rich people build networks and have more friends than those who are not rich. Sujimy also mentions this during his talk. That's why he did emphasized on meeting 3 people everyday. That would helped to grow the business fast. It need not be people in business. Even friends are OK. Meet them, ask them what they do. Someday or somehow you might just need each other or their services. So make more friends not enemies!!

V - Vision
Visioning is ever important. The few lines in the 8th habit book mention this. Everything in life appears happens twice. Once in your mind and the other in action. It is also part of the visioning process where the idea catches on and develops before it can happen in action. Remember this without action, the vision is useless!! Therefore before investing, do you have the vision that it worthwhile?

E - Extra Mile
In anything we do. Perhaps we need to take the extra mile. Even in investments, we need to do our own research and not depend on one source. We need to go that extra mile to check out the investment that we want to go into even though you might have people advising. Personal research and going the extra mile will be great!!

Social Responsibility - I believe that we should always put social causes in every action we do. For example, ever $1 you earn, set aside 10 cents for a social course - donate to a charity or help someone in need. Or nowadays there's much concern about the environment. Make sure the investment doesn't destroy the environment!!

Target niche - invest in something unique. I guess another term for this should be USP - the investment needs a Unique Selling Proposition/Product else the investments would have a hard time getting back returns.

My Life Mission: I enable others to discover purpose in their lives and empower them to pursue their dreams and live life to the fullest with God's blessing.



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