Monday, January 21, 2008

Back From Haj

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What a Saturday!!

Mum and Dad reached Singapore around 11 am last Saturday and yeah we all had to picked them up from the airport..They brought back lots of goodies!! It's great to seem them especially when they have been away for more than a month...

Before that I had to take the train to Boon Keng to pick up my bike..The previous day, it was towed away cos the battery was drained out!!...Yes $308 in repairs inclusive of servicing..This bike is really a money sucker.

At 2pm exactly, an sms came!! Our NS unit was mobilized!! Actually this was expected cos we had so much pre-warnings...So yeah got my uniform on, grab my duffer bag and left the house. The relatives were all staring at me..."Kau nak gi mana?"..."Kena Activate ah!!"...Well this is the life of an NS men kan....Always on the edge..( Yah like real) but its true.

I was the first to arrive for the company...No Alpahians around!! Nvm i should have just taken the MRT rather than waste the $17 cab fare...But what the heck...This time round the mobilization was more like a practise again cos we were just waiting for everyone to report to camp...There weren't any deployment...Nasib!!..Everything was done by 9pm...Got a lift home by the new Officer LTA yeah save duit sikit!!

So yah minute i'm at Boon Keng, the other hour I'm at the airport, by the next three hours at Maju Camp...What a Saturday!!!

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