Thursday, January 10, 2008

Phone Bills? What?

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Check out these callback service. A small telecommunications company own by Muslims...Eh did I hear it right?? Muslims who owns their own telecommunication company..Are you being serious..

Yes I am serious, I've been working with them to develop the eazycall system since November. I believe telecommunications is a big business...It's a trillion dollar business infact..hmm so why not help them out..Develop and easy to use system for Online users to purchase their membership and credits.

Infact Berita Harian have published an article for Masjid Assyafaah that have been selling this Call Saving services since October.

So how does this service work? Well firstly you need a normal Mobile Line..Starhub/Singtel /M1...When you register as a member, it will map your telephone number to your mobile line.

So everytime when you want to make a call, you dial the SERVER number. After two rings, it will automatically hung up and in a few seconds the server will call you back. Pick up your phone and a voice message will ask you to key in your destination number. Key in the number that you wish to call and press #. It will start calling and the rest is history.

Well it looks like there's so many steps to it but does it actually matter? Why pay from 16cent to 24 cents per min for your call when you can pay 4.8 cents per minute in calls..That's like using your home line right...So you do the maths and think about it.

Then you say my basic services covers 100 min free outgoing...Deh 100 min for people like me where got enough!! So ok let's say you end up using 300 mins of your outgoing calls...So if you minus 100 mins, that's 200 if 200 x 0.16 = $32. Then if you use this service 200 x 0.048 = $9.60...That's $22.40 worth of saving...

Just like many other services, this service is not for everyone...its meant to target Business people, Executives and Chatters who use the phone like nobody's business...Yup if you know of any such people, do recommend them the service...I'm sure they will be happy!!

For the study the service carefully... It really saves a lot especially when you are the kind who likes to call out a lot. Ooh yes there's a way to earn income through this too...So do check it out and don't look back!! Get to know more about the service by taking a trip to

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