Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We need to live in the Jungle!!

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Who do not know about Salleh Marican... the self made Malay Millionaire.. Someone who owns properties and franchises of First Lady!!

For those who missed his talk last Saturday at the Singapore Expo, here's the main point that I picked up. Just like Sujimy's sessions, this is one man that everyone should listen to..

YOU NEED TO LIVE IN THE JUNGLE...Business is cut throat...there is no such thing as mercy..This is a man who don't believe that business is won by empathy but shear hard work and dedication to the cause. So why do we need to live in the Jungle...So what does he mean?

Well if you want to do business you have to do it to know how to do it. It cannot be learned from books and it cannot be learned just by listening to other people cos if you are not doing it and you are not learning it you are NOT IN BUSINESS at all....

At that moment when I was listening to him, I kind of reflected my own life for the last one year...If i haven't gone through the ordeal of moving out of the mindset of " I need to find a Job ", I wouldn't have 3 entreprises now. Yes the money is not flowing yet but you can just feel it coming!!!

Back to living in the jungle...if I hadn't gone to KL, i wouldn't know what to expect about WHole Sale Trade..about what the heck is "SOLE DISTRIBUTORSHIP"...what is BRANDING....and much more!!! Please if you think you can learn this in school do that and I doubt you can find answers for this....You have to do it to know it...

That was what Salleh Marican practically emphasized on for his 30 minutes talk.

He shared his story on how he tried to purchase some cloth for a discount but he wasn't given a good deal. But when he sent someone else...his Malaysian Manager a Bai..this guy manage to get a better deal then what Salleh was offered...Do you know why? Some how or rather Malays happen to have build a bad reputation in business and thus other races have or do face problems when dealing with Malay Businessman. Whatever the reason, Salleh learned it and thus now engage his manager to go out and buy the stuff he needs..So you see!! You wont know it until you go out there an experience it yourself.

Abang Abu also shared a story about...Why just sell your food at the canteen and wait...Why not walk into company and get to talk the manager to request to supply food for the company...Its a different strategy and the requirement to be different...You may be hit by a NO cos of the companies' policies and so on.... So would you know you cannot do that if you never ever tried to ask the Manager?

Well this is one problem many of us faced when doing business..Whenever we stumble into a problem we give up the opportunity but why not look at the NOs and receive as an opportunity to learn the processes. From there we can dig our gold mine...

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We need to live in the Jungle!!