Monday, February 04, 2008

The Learning Brain Seminar

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Learning Brain? The Brain can learn meh?

This is a short seminar organised by NOWASIA & AMP which introduces 3 outstanding inviduals whom have started their own business to help developed and harness the potential in us.

Mdm Hanisah as mention above started her career as an Academic and later move on to teaching in a Handicapp School where she picked up sign language. She was appointed VP of that school a few years back and has since started her own Business to help parents to educate and teach their children to develop proper skills - such as reading and so on. She has also been in the States to learn the various techniques used to develop a child.

Mr Nishant is nevertheless the star of the day. With a WORLD record in Memory, he is one of the guys that you should be listening too. Not only for kids but adults too can participate in his classes and learn the technique of harnessing your memory power.

MS Rohani also came from the educational background. She is the kinds whom would want to change the world if she could..heh..She is the type whom would defy laws if she could and probably make things different. Being a teacher for so long, she saw a bug in the Education System over here, thus she made the leap to start her own business today which helps to tune the way we think.

- About memory...they say that your brain can actually store more data than a computer does...Which is actually true..Think about this..There are several stories which I've witness myself such as when someone goes into Coma or happen to get into Close to Death situations, he/she would usually end up seeing things of his past and probably his whole life in that few little second cos many of them who went through that ordeal would tell of those stories...So if we based on that stories, I assume that the brain can actually store whatever that we see, we smell, we feel and gone through life...Its so much more powerful than anything on this earth but unfortunately only a handful of us in this world knows how to use it.

This seminar is definitely a must go for anyone who wish to learn the powerful techniques of memory. Develop the potential in your kids and YOURSELF and get to know more about these 3 specialists and their programs.

Date: Saturday, 16 February 2008
Time: 3pm to 7pm
Venue: AMP Audtorium Level 4, 1 Pasir Ris Drive 4 Singapore 519457

Advance Booking Available:

100 tickets available only!!

Book Your Tickets Today @
Payment via Credit Card

or call 6220 0701 for more details.

Terms & Condition:

1) Once payment is made, there is no refund.
2) Tickets will be issued upon registration on the day itself.
3) Please print & bring your invoice along on that day.

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