Monday, March 31, 2008

And So We Meet Again after a long long time

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Its like almost 14 years later and bam another friend found...but this time its more of a smile and hello and congratulations....and she remembers my name...that's weird....I still look the same meh? Wahaha....

Well she's taller than she use to be... even taller than me I think..or was it just the heels...Duh...dah 14 tahun what to expect ...get shorter is it...hahaha..anyway there was very little time to communicate though cos she was on the Dais with the new husband...Ooh yeah and she had an extension to her actual name....Some Elly infront...

I don't have any pictures of this couple but the wedding seems so grand...Tu ah pergi wedding tak bawa camera... Apa saja!! The place was kind of dark with all the purplish curtains.. Fortunately it was raining cos it brighten up the whole place especially with the Yellow lights and so on.....Honestly the place was beautiful but somehow it kind of never fit for the occasion lah...OK nvm its just my opinion...

Anyway I've met a few more other Bedok West Primary School Friends...Yes I know I was from that school yang dulu ada " I Love Bedok West "..So kental kan I know!!! Hahaa..

Anyways we kind of hang around and eventually end up from Tampines to Orchard to catch a movie...Ada 4 Bujang ajer....ok Satu dah tunang...End up we can't decide what to watch cos the timing were quite we took a walk to Lucky Plaza to play pool...

So yes another friend found and hopefully more to come Insyallah...

Ok so let's make it more interactive here..So have you ever bump into long lost friends on weird occasions...Do blog about it and link here yah!!

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And So We Meet Again after a long long time