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Assalammualaikum wr wb,

hope you are in the best of health and iman.We hope you have received last Monday's email on our updates for the week. In this newsletter we are adding a few more stories and bites to get you more spiced up for the weekend. So read on!

Updates from

A new Intern!
  • Well after a long search, we've finally found our Intern Programmer. Well he's kind of new to the concept of becoming a Web programmer cos he just finish two semesters of Programming in Java. Nevertheless these are the rare breed that we are looking for. Read on.

Another community project by

  • Most of you who surfed by might have clicked on the link in the events page which shows a satellite map of a masjid (or location) in Singapore and how to get there. Read on.
Alunan Kasih - The Album
  • You have heard the songs! You may have watch the concert! Now get a copy of the album!! Read on..

Friend's sites

VisitDYN New Episode

  • The DYN brothers are back with a very interesting topic on SMELLS. They dispel doubts about aromatherapy, talk about the importance of smelling good & the relation between smelling good & the Sunnah! Read on.

More readings

Challenge Shield 5
  • Challenge Shield is back!

    The full-day event that will be held at East Coast Park is held annually by NUS Muslim Society. This year however, each team is required to have at least 1 non-Muslim or non-Malay to participate. Get your non-Muslim, non-Malay friends to join you and have a chance to exhibit Islam at the same time! Read on.

Euro Fever

  • Well ahemm ahemm..This post is for the ever Fun Loving Guys who loves Soccer! Sorry ladies probably this may not be your cup of tea. Nevertheless you can join too to watch the FINALS of EURO 2008 ( Is it the finals? hmmm ).. Read On.
Feel Islam, Live Islam - Pre/Post Khutbah Talk
  • To be a Family Leader, Prophet's Way.

    Even the topic itself sounds enticing enough doesn't it? Spare some free time before & after your Friday prayers this coming Friday, 27th June 2008, to sit in on Ustaz Liekat Ali's pre & post-khutbah talk. Read on.

Featured Blogger

  • To show our appreciation to this lovely lady, we have decided to feature her blog this week. We have gotten the most hits to our site from her blog this month! Read On.

Last Monday's updates

Here are some of the lecture series delivered by Shaykh Khalil Moore from Zaytuna Institute:

Habib Abdullah's Lecture Series

Today marked the start of a series of lectures by a prominent visiting scholar from Madinah, Habib Abdullah Bin Hussein Al-Masyur,specially organized by Masjid Al-Mukminin. If you missed the first lecture by Habib Abdullah, fret not. There is a full list of lectures by the Habib for you to choose from and attendevery day of this week till Friday on various topics and at different locations around Singapore. Don't miss this chance to catch his lectures in Arabic with Malay translation while he's around! Check out all the events delivered by him here.

Shaykh Khalil Moore's Event Series

Just as Habib Abdullah's lectures would have ended, another renowned scholar will arrive to begin his week of lectures/talks/workshop organized by

Beginning with an in-house talk Journey of a Seeker at Darul Arqam Auditorium on Friday 27th
June, to
Ode to Our Prophet on Saturday 5th
July at Masjid Khalid, lectures by Syakh Khalil Moore will be sure to appeal to those amongst us thirsting for religious knowledge talks inEnglish. For a full list of the events delivered by him, click here, and be sure to block those dates on your calendar!

Also, don't miss out on other events.

This week, the pre/post khutbah talk will touch on the topic To be a Family Leader, the Prophet's Way. Delivered in English by Ustaz Leyakat Ali, this khutbah talk will appeal and be beneficial to brothers who have just gotten married or soon to be married.
Anight exclusively for Muslimahs, the booking for a limited 30 places is already closed on 20th
June. But then again, you might
just be the lucky last few to squeeze in. Click on the title link to find out more.

Did you miss the screening of this movie in December last year? Due to the very positive response (it was a full-house, in fact, overflown!), is bringing back to you this movie screening on Imam al-Ghazali's spiritual journey, held now at Madrasah Aljunied and with post-screening commentaries from Shaykh Khalil Moore. Click to read more and register quick!
Nakhoda, pengurus bahtera bahagia is a religious lecture in Malay by our very own ustaz, Ustaz Jalaluddin Hassan, co-organized with Jawatankuasa Qaryah 1.
Also in Malay, Putaran Roda Dunia is a lecture by the influential Ustaz
Haron Hassan Akhtar.
All muslimeen and muslimaat are welcome to attend.

This short course byUstaz Firdaus Yahya will give an overview of the differences in option among Islamic scholars and astronomers in determining the start of Islamic Lunar Months. It
will also touch on the viability of implementing a unified Islamic Calendar. Sounds complex yet interesting? Do click to find out more and register, if you'd love to see how astronomy is being applied in the Islamic context.

Last but not least! After all the religious knowledge lectures, this is something for all of the active Muslim youths who are looking for something physically challenging. Starting from a bowling
competition on 29th June, MYSPEX 08 brings to you 4 different competitions for you to register from. Click to find out more about what MYSPEX is, how it came about and what else is in
store for you. And if you don't meet the criteria, spread the word around!


That's it for this week! Do check out other events and classes at

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