Thursday, July 03, 2008 Syaikh Khalili Moore and Sports Activities this weekend

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Assalammualaikum wr wb,

We hope you are in the best of health and iman.This week have been a great week for us because we are really flush with knowledge especially when a special Syaikh comes to Singapore to give talks.Also the weekends are filled with sport activities organised by and NUSMS. So read on.

Updates from

A new writer

  • For the next 3 weeks, we’ll see a different face helping us write out our contents in our news section as our current freelance writer, Ameera, will be away for the next 3 weeks for a trip to Cambodia to do Humanitarian Work!! The directors from IslamicSG Networks would wish Ameera a save journey to and back from Cambodia and to do your best to touch the lives of the people there. Insyallah. Read on.

Friend's sites

Season finale: Yok makan yok

  • This episode really made an impact to my mom! I was watching this video while she was doing her stuff in the kitchen. Immediately she became curious when she heard the Bro’s telling them us about “Why we shouldn’t be leaning back when eating” and the stuff about the “Bacteria in your Hands”.Read on.

What's Up?

Remind, Reflect, Rejuvenate

  • Feeling stressed out and frustrated from your hectic weekdays?Well not to worry, recharge yourselves to a spiritual treat this weekend by Sheikh Khalil Moore from Zaytuna Institute, USA. He will be sharing his experiences and talking about our beloved Rasulullah s.a.w. Read on.

Challenge Shield 5
  • Gear up for some fun and recreation this weekend to battle the stress away! This Saturday 5 July, NUSMS is organising its annual Challenge Shield this time happening at East Coast Park. Read On.

New Classes

Al-Quran Reading Classes for Adult Male (18 & Above)

  • The Al-Quran is one of the most important holy books that Muslims need to be able to read and master. Every aspect of our life is being explained in the Quran therefore, not being able to read and understand it would be such a waste.

Basic Solat Course for Ladies.

  • Ever wondered why sometimes your doa is not being granted no matter how many times you pray and ask from Allah s.w.t? Sure, it may be that it is not your rezki yet but it may also be due to one’s mistakes in their daily prayers. Read On.
Ramadhan Preparation Kuliahs
  • These classes will be conducted by Ustaz Muhammad Mazdiuky from TRADISI HALAQAH. It is meant to help us prepare and gain the most benefits from the month of Ramadhan. Read On.

Other News
  • Volunteer Opportunities

    Our Sisters and Bros from are looking out for volunteers to help them to prepare for their event this Friday, 4th July 2008 @ Singapore Post. If you are keen on helping and meeting Syaikh Khalil Moore personally, do take this opportunity to help out! Call Sister Saira @ 65474407 or email to

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events and classes at

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  • From:channel news asia (12-08-2008)
    Singapore lawyer,SDP Poltical Party, M Ravi was charged in court on Monday for disturbing a religious assembly,shouting mockingly “allahu akbar” when the Imam was leading the Magrib prayer ,at the Jamae Chulia mosque on August 3 at about 7.30pm.

    He is said to have been shouting and interrupting the religious proceeding and when approached by Mosque Religious commitee member, is alleged to have verbally scolded him “prositute’s son”.It's understood he's showing solidarity to the malaysian radical Hindu orgainstation "HIndraf"

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:26 PM  

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