Saturday, August 23, 2008


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Are you the kind who sees a URL and will type it

I admit I do have a problem with this. Somehow it has become a habit. Whenever I see a new Internet Address, I will end up opening up a new browser and start typing it out to read or find out more about the site.
Its people like me that creates tons of traffic to people’s [...]

When we have the intention of passing the knowledge down

Jadi kita berikanlah nasihat ke, motivasi ke, ilmu ke atau wang ringgit ke, maka ianya akan berikan pulangan 10 kali ganda. Tapi jangan lah pula “loyar buruk”, hari ini aku belanja si Shah tu RM2 makan roti canai, besok aku mesti dapat RM20.
Itu dikira “berkira” dan Allah takkan memberi pada orang yang sebegitu rupa.
- Dr [...]

The other Fadzuli?

Don’t get it wrong! Its not me.
I received an SMS today asking me, did PM Lee talked about me?
PM Lee in his speech last Sunday mention about a certain Fadzuli that went to the States on a scholarship. He’s currently doing a Masters in Game Development Course and working in Disney.
Taken from
“He was addicted [...]

How do we solve the money issues?

Well this post is about Borrowing Money. Did you know borrowing money is the easy part but paying it off usually becomes an issue. So why then take the trouble to borrow.
Recently I have had a dinner with Abang Abu and yeah you know times are kind of bad and he has been forking out [...]

Are you reading?

Dr Irfan Khairi tanya kepada Dr Fadzilah Kamsah:
Saya rasa pendengar di luar sana dan saya juga ingin mengetahui agaknya dalam sebulan berapa buah buku Dato baca?
Dr Irfan asked Dr Fadzilah Kamsah:
We want to know how many books do you read in a month?
I will target to buy 10 books per month. On average I finish [...]


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