Friday, September 05, 2008

at 25 and already $300 million..

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  • $40 Million at 18. $300 Million at 25. 
  • Name: Gurbaksh Chahal
  • Race: Indian
  • Living in the United States. 

    Hit by Virus

    Ahhh my laptop was hit by a virus two days ago. Currently my laptop works very strangely especially when browsing the Internet.
    This is because the virus affected certain files on my laptop and when the anti-virus detected it, I chose to delete it.
    Yes this happens to me a lot of times before but the sad […]

    What is Google up to?

    What’s next? It never seems to stop, Google are really taking the steps to dominate the Internet Realm. Started

     with their Search Engines, then Adsense and today Google is trying to take over the Internet Browsers. 
    As firefox are already widely known and they are owned by Google, Google still created their own browsers called Google […]

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    Have you heard about the new book by Joel Comm?
    Similar to Dr Irfan’s book, this book is also a compilation of Millionaires. In this case they are specifically Internet Millionaires. People who come from various backgrounds and fields and have chose the internet to market their products.

    Mark Joyner
    Tellman Knudson
    Audri Lanford
    Ladan Lashkari
    Mike Litman
    Alex Mandossian
    Perry Marshall
    Paul Meyers
    Jonathan […]

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at 25 and already $300 million..