Thursday, October 23, 2008

50K funding to look forward to…

Read more! | 0 comments;attach=216;type=avatarToday I had the opportunity to speak to Nicholas Chan, the director of Azione Capital Pte Ltd and founder of Project Senso

Well Nicholas is quite a fellow as he is a TECHNOLOGY VENTURE CAPITALIST. What he does is to fund or help start ups to take off. At the same time he also mentors this start ups to go up to the next phase. 

We had a very fruitful discussion as he asked me about the Malay Muslim Market Segments and he was wondering why our Muslim Community are not moving into the Tech Venture Directions. As I explained to him, perhaps its our culture and mindset that have not been moulded to be Entrepreneurs. I told him our people are different, we need to sowed very differently because our community needs to be moved spiritually too. Unlike the Chinese, the Malays are not driven because of MONEY alone. 

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50K funding to look forward to…