Sunday, October 19, 2008

Great great Sunday..

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Today have been really a magnificient day for me. I told myself that I would start the day positive and you know everything went SUPERBLY WELL!

Firstly I managed to solve the $2 profit idea…In fact $1.50..but what the heck.. :)

Then I brought my mum around for Hari Raya outings and I thought I would be dead bored following her around but at every single place that we went to, there was something GREAT to learn..:)

First place: Ustadz Abu Bakar Travels - They have a gathering for Ustaz Abu Bakar students. There I met a few people I know, I think her name is Syikin, a secondary school friend. Hmm didn’t knew that she was learning from Ustadz Abu Bakar.. Then I started to talk lah to the Uncles around me..yup every where was people above 50 but its ok. I just shared my stories about business and so on. :)


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Great great Sunday..