Friday, November 14, 2008

Smart Seminar - 1st Day

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New! Basic Internet Marketing Course on 29th & 30th November @ Chong Pang CC.
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This seminar is awesome. Even though there are only 300 attendees, what really impress me was the line up of Internet Marketing Gurus! OMG!!! Never before have I seen so many of them all in one place. Usually I would see them separately on their sites and not in real person. It was like meeting your HEROES in real life…

What was great is that it was so easy to talk to these MILLIONAIRES. There were like all over the place  man. You can like choose and pick, shake hands and dig some secrets from them.. We tried lah..haha.

By the way today we have two great speakers. 

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Smart Seminar - 1st Day